With smartphones and social media, it is easier than ever before to document human rights violations. But how can that information become evidence, advocacy and support?

That’s where The Whistle comes in.

The Whistle connects witnesses to local organisations through a secure platform, ensuring that the reports are delivered anonymously and in formats that can be easily analysed. Our dashboard allows partner organisations to gather information, verify reports, assign activities to case workers and comment on cases.

How The Whistle works

Witnesses use the mobile or web form to submit anonymous reports. Depending on the technology at hand, this report can be delivered through a web browser, app or SMS. Witnesses are then directed to local resources that provide medical, legal and psychological support. 

Partner organisations use the dashboard to receive, track and manage reports confidentially. By analyzing individuals reports as well as trends across reports, partner organisations can generate data to start conversations in the community, prove that the issues are prevalent and advocate for systematic change.