The Whistle is Looking for a Full-Time Programmer

The Whistle is a dynamic team that brings a broad variety of perspectives and experience to work on the problems of inequality and inefficiency in the digital reporting of human rights violations – without losing sight of the values of solidarity, trust and care that are central to human rights work.

We are academics coming from the fields of sociology, development studies, psychology and business, with previous work experience at places like Bain & Company and Google, as well as developers with background in a number of related projects, including the Wikirate project for corporate supply chain transparency.

We are an academic start-up, which means that we both build tools in close collaboration with human rights partners and provide expert advice to projects and organizations interested in incorporating technology in their human rights work.  Our current NGO partner is Global Rights Nigeria, where we are working to support their ‘Rape is a Crime’ campaign, and we are in the process of developing two exciting use cases with new partners.

This is where we need your help. We are for the rest of 2018 who can both provide vision and support the execution of these two test cases.  This is your chance to work on a technology for good project that can enhance the number, variety and quality of reports documenting human rights violations.

As we are funded by with a Horizon 2020 grant from the European Commission and are based at the University of Cambridge, we are limited, by their rules, to offering a salary that is in line with academic pay-scales – which means it is not as much as salaries in the private sector.  We know you could find a more competitive salary elsewhere, and we wish we could offer more, but we hope that the exiting and hands-on nature of our work could provide you an experience that has its own rewards.

We are looking for someone who relishes problem-solving and has experience with and really enjoys working with a diverse team to turn their ideas into pragmatic solutions anchored in the real world.  Please take a look at our job description.  We look forward to any questions you might have and hope to see your application!