The IPF speaks to Rebekah Larsen about the importance of The Whistle

Penelope Sonder from The IPF spoke to Rebekah Larsen, a Research Assistant at The Whistle, about the necessity of digital human rights reporting and the challenges associated with verification, privacy, and communication.

Acting as a new kind of mediator, The Whistle aims to help organisations to correctly and quickly verify as many reports as possible so they can actually address the human rights violations. Social media has done wonders for citizen journalism, but it also means that human rights organisations are often short on time and resources because of the sheer volume of material to be verified and the diffusion and complexity of digital tools used in verification.

“The Whistle aims to help human rights organisations verify more reports and more quickly. This way, more voices are heard and more human rights violations can be addressed.”

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Published by

Sarah Villeneuve

Communications Lead @ The Whistle