Human Rights in the Digital Age: CGHR Practitioner Paper #1

The Centre of Governance and Human Rights* at the University of Cambridge recently launched the inaugural paper in the ‘Human Rights in the Digital Age’ series, which aims at facilitating the sharing of knowledge and practices of human rights in a digital age.

The paper by Christoph Koettl (Senior Analyst, Amnesty International), was launched on the 8th of March and provides a framework for best practices in the use of citizen media. Specifically, it builds on the increasing importance of documenting human rights violations and aids the review and assessment of open source content.

Koettl’s framework has served as an invaluable source in designing The Whistle, particularly in terms of streamlining and speeding the verification of digital information. Through following a methodological approach that is familiar and accessible to new and seasoned practitioners, The Whistle can improve access and overview of existing tools and processes to aid fact-finding.

Download the practitioner paper and watch the presentation here

* A multi-disciplinary research centre for advancing thought and practice, critical to global justice and human-well-being. Read more here

Published by

Matt Mahmoudi

Research Assistant @ The Whistle